The word hair care is not specific for only those that grow on your scalp rather it deals with your whole body hair either mustaches or eye lashes, eye brows etc. Hair health depends upon not only your hair care but also your metabolism and overall health. Different kind of treatments that we practice on our hair play an important role in the overall health of our hair. Coloring, trimming,straightening etc all are the reasons to spoil or nourish your hair. Let us discuss them in detail.

Few very simple and easy steps can help you to keep your hair strong and healthy. It has been researched that Protein is the best source of growing healthy hair. So, one should add those food in his diet that are a direct protein source like meat, eggs, beans and pulses. There are a few tips that will help those who want to look elegant with shiny and glowing hair. Let us have a glance at these tips and try to follow them consistently in your life.

Tips for Healthy Growing Hair

Shampoo Quality

There are lots of shampoos that are available in the market. Each brand offers its own distinct benefits and claims to be the perfect one for your hair care. Before you choose a shampoo for your scalp, always notice the ingredients that constituents the shampoo. It is suggested that shampoos that have the two chemicals sulfates and Parabens in them are always harmful for hair.

Key Points for Shampooing

  • Do not leave your shampoo for a prolonged duration and after making lather, rinse them thoroughly with warm water.
  • If you want to minimize hair breakage during shampooing, wet your hair before applying shampoo,
  • If you want to keep your hair settled and styled, spray some hair tonic or hair spray over your hands and apply them on your hair.
  • Rising hair with hot water will damage the outer layer of your hair so if you want to take care of your hair, always avoid hot water and use normal temperature water for rinsing.
  • Using hair dryer for drying your hair is always a cause of hair fall. If you want to dry your hair use a soft towel and rub your hair softly.
  • Hair combing is always good for your scalp and hair health, so use soft hair brush and do proper combing. Thorough combing nourishes the hair root and gives a glow to your hair. Toothed comb and paddle brush are good for hair strength.
  • A healthy diet and balanced lifestyle are an integral part of our hair health. Use protein rich food like fish, meat, nuts, oysters etc. in your daily diet.

More Caring Tips:

For more care and extra nourishment of your hair follow the following guidelines,

  • Always cover your hair while going out in sunlight. Do not let your hair damage in intense sunlight, cool weather, dust and dirt.
  • In case of any hair problem, consult the best dermatologist and never try your own made home remedies for hair treatment. Only doctor’s prescribed product should be used as hair treatment.
  • Consistently using high quality hair oil will give ultimate results and will give a special glow to your hair. For healthy hair olive, coconut and almond oil are the best recommended by different hair dressers.
  • Regular hair trimming is the best solution for fast growing and strengthening of hair. Give regular trimming to your hair to avoid splitting of hair.

In short, apply all the above mentioned tips and follow the guidelines if you want to have healthy glowing hair.


Hair Care : Have a Glowing Hair with Simple Tips
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